Euro<26 and European Youth Card Association (EYCA)

The Euro<26 youth card offers great discounts for young people across Europe. But it is so much more than just a card. It is the key for young Europeans to information, mobility, culture and participation. Through a range of services, discounts and advantages, the Euro<26 card encourages young people under 26 to make informed life choices, explore their world, and play a full part as citizens of Europe in today's society.

The Euro<26 card is the only one for all young people under 27, regardless of whether they are students, working, unemployed, parents, or trainees. And they are affordable - reflecting the economy of each country, they start at 3 euro - with add-on services like helplines, magazines, and youth information services included in the price.
Conditions for issuing card in Serbia:
• person younger than 27
• 1 photo
• ID with photo (personal ID, passport…)
• 450 YUD membership fee valid for 365 days from the day of joining, if cardholder will not in that period become above 27 ( in that case, card is being issued until birthday)




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